Types of Hacking

Hacking is when a person exploits any weaknesses in a system to breach its defenses. Hacks tend to occur within computer systems or networks. Cybersecurity has to continually keep up with new hacking threats. There are several different types of hacking to be aware of.

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Social Engineering and Phishing

Social engineering entails impersonating a trusted source to gain access to the personal information of users. The most common form is phishing, where hackers send emails as bait. These may have an infected downloadable file attached.

Malware Injecting Devices

Malicious hardware is another type of hacking. It could involve infecting a USB stick and then using it to gain remote access to the device it is plugged into. For this reason, people should be cautious before connecting hardware to their computers.

Missing Security Patches

All security tools eventually become outdated over time. When users ignore update notifications, they leave their systems open to potential hacks. These vulnerabilities can come from any application, not just antivirus programs.

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)

The aim of this technique is to take down an entire website. A DDoS attack overflows servers with traffic, causing it to no longer function properly and crash. Large businesses are frequently the targets of these hacks.

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