IT Resources for Children

As the whole world becomes ever more focused on modern technology, children must have a good IT education. They will likely need to know how to use IT in their future careers and day to day lives. Luckily there are undoubtedly plenty of great resources specifically designed to teach children the numerous aspects of IT.

The first thing a teacher will need to do is understand the skill level the child is at. Younger students will tend to need beginner courses and start from scratch. However, age is not always the best indicator of IT competency. Today, many children will have used smartphones and tablets from an early age. Conversely, there are older people from a generation that never learned modern IT at school. Therefore it is best to ask the student directly how much they know about the subject. It is also useful to set tests for this purpose.

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Online Brain Training

IT can also help children to develop their own cognitive skills. The internet has some fantastic educational games for 5 year olds which can be utilized by both teachers and parents. MentalUP games can train brains in fun ways. Many young people learn more efficiently with immersive visual-based resources. MentalUP is particularly effective for children to develop the following essential skills:

* Attention

* Memory

* Decision making

* Counting

* Comparison

* Planning

* Spatial awareness

* Reactions

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