About Us

This website is all about fun IT and hacking resources. It explains how both children and adults can be educated in order to better understand modern technology. The site is beneficial for teachers. However, anyone can benefit from reading the content. It is written in an easy to understand way. Complicated IT jargon has been avoided.

hackers - About Us

What Can Visitors Learn?

By visiting our site, people will get to learn precisely what IT is and why it is so important. They will also understand the different types of hacking and how it can sometimes be ethical. People who want to learn about web development will read how they can get started. There are education-based articles as well. This includes content about coding for kids and the best school appropriate site builders.

What Is the Main Purpose of This Site?

The website was created in order to spread awareness of just how fun and accessible IT is. Another purpose of it is to help children develop their cognitive development with the use of coding resources.

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